September 16, 2019



SEPTEMBER 16, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 5:00 pm by Chairperson Mucher. Trustee Hollister was present. Fire Chief Altman and Fiscal Officer Silliman were also present.

A MOTION by Mr. Hollister and SECONDED by Mr. Mucher was made to adopt the minutes of September 4th as amended. MOTION CARRIED unanimously.

A MOTION by Mr. Hollister and SECONDED by Mr. Mucher was made to pay accounts in the amount of $97,555.11: General Fund – $2,802.13; Fire Fund – $19,510.02; Cemetery – $228.60; EMS Billing – $9,804.80; Road and Bridge – $61,909.56; Capital Fund – $1,000. MOTION CARRIED unanimously.

The Trustees received:
• STAR OHIO 2019 Annual Report;
• E-Mails re: use of Home, Inc. property for construction vehicles;
• E-Mail from WesBanco re: closing on loan;
• OTARMA loss control information;
• E-Mail from RPCC re: September 17 meeting;
• E-Mail re: Maxim Roofing request for bid results;
• E-Mail re: “The Natural Burial Cemetery Guide;
• Builders Risk Policy from Burnham & Flower Insurance;
• E-Mails re: MVRPC meeting with Greene County members and Solicitation for new FAST Act projects using STP/TA funds;
• YS Comprehensive Land Use Plan Steering Committee update;
• August Bath Township Responses report;
• E-Mails from USDA re: Change in contractors wording revision; Pre-Con Outline and Monthly Job Meetings;
• Contract for Appraisal of 225 Corry Street building;
• ESC September 4th meeting minutes;
• Invitation to Greene Giving to Ground Breaking;
• MSA drafting of Site Plan;
• YSCDC’s consideration of purchasing old fire station;
• The Christopher Group requesting opportunity to quote on commercial furniture;
• Fund Status, Revenue Status and Appropriation Status reports for 10/7/19.

Chief Altman reported there were 37 EMS and 28 Fire calls since the last meeting. Five of the EMS calls were from Bath Township. Four Fire Safety inspections were conducted.
The MTFR Annual 9/11 Stair Climb Fundraiser was gratefully well attended with 94 climbers participating. The participants raised $9,000 and with additional financial contributions, the event raised $20,000 in total.
MTFR members Alex Wendt and Justin Poteet participated in a “welcome new students” event at Antioch College. They “manned” the grill potion of the gathering. With regrets, Mr. Poteet has announced his resignation from MTFR with intentions to become a member of the City of Dayton’s Police Force.
The on-going social media training class is due for another class to be scheduled soon. Chief Altman stated that the changes recommended thus far to the current policy are not significant but are valid.

Mr. Mucher reported the project is working thru multiple contracts with those who will be doing the project.
The Ground Breaking ceremony is Wednesday, September 18th. A review of the schedule for the ceremony was discussed.

Mr. Mucher reported there is a natural burial scheduled for Wednesday which is 12 days past the death. The Township’s standard for natural burials to occur is 3 days due to compensation’s time frame. This Wednesday’s burial will be difficult for all in attendance and the Township needs to be firm on its 3 day standard.

A MOTION by Mr. Hollister and SECONDED by Mr. Mucher was made to adopt RESOLUTION 2019-36: Annual Report of Township Roads. MOTION CARRIED unanimously.
A MOTION by Mr. Hollister and SECONDED by Mr. Mucher was made to authorize the 2019 contract between Miami Township and the Village of Clifton for road repair and snow removal. MOTION CARRIED unanimously.

A MOTION by Mr. Hollister and SECONDED by Mr. Mucher was made to adopt RESOLUTION 2019-37: Amendment of Permanent appropriations. MOTION CARRIED unanimously.

MVRPC – Mr. Mucher reported various changes to the Transportation Program were recommended. Additionally, the MVRPC is taking on a new responsibility which is a Disaster Recovery Assistance Program.
Mr. Hollister added that he attended two programs that were hosted by the MVRPC and the Miami Conservancy District concerning drainage and nutrient run-off issues. He found both events were very helpful and informative.
RPCC – Mr. Mucher reported the Commission reviewed subdivision applications and is starting the process of working on the basics of a County Comprehensive Land Use Plan. They have asked for a $50,000 contribution from the County Commissioners to help fund this project.
YS Community Development Corporation – Mr. Mucher reported that the by-laws are in the final stages which will then allow the CDC to apply for federal 501(c)(3) status.

Mr. Mucher announced that the County Prosecutor is not running for re-election and that former Assistant Prosecutor Alice DeWine has announced she is running for that office.

No report.

There bring no further business to discuss, a MOTION by Mr. Hollister and SECONDED by Mr. Mucher was made to ADJOURN. MOTION CARRIED unanimously. Time – 6:35 pm.

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