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Upcoming Events

  • All day, June 19, 2023
    Juneteenth Federal Holiday 

  • 7:00 pm 8:00 pm, June 20, 2023
    Zoning Commission 

  • 5:00 pm 7:00 pm, June 21, 2023
    Miami Township Trustee Meeting 

About Zoning

Miami Township Zoning

In its broadest terms, the goal of zoning is to further the welfare of the people by helping to create an increasingly better, more healthful, convenient, efficient, and attractive community environment in which to live, work and recreate. The physical community is a single organism, consisting of interdependent physical, social, and economic systems.

Scarce resources have to be carefully allocated to provide community services, which offer the highest physical, social, and economic return to the people. Government, as an instrument of the people, has the responsibility of determining and creating with the people, the kind of community that satisfies the needs of its citizens. A sound zoning process that recognizes the desires of the community is an essential prerequisite to the efficient delivery of public services.

Zoning assures that adequate space in the proper location is allocated for all activities, which are expected to take place within the planning period. If implemented, the future land use plan would be the development policy for the entire township.

Zoning maintains the kind of environment which the people desire, including proper spatial relationships between land uses and the protection of irreplaceable natural resources.

Zoning maintains existing property values through the prevention or elimination of undesirable mixtures of land uses, recognizing that the utility of a structure is dependent upon its environment. Undesirable mixtures of land uses usually result in a decrease in property values, both in a monetary as well as an aesthetic sense.

Zoning maximizes the use of public and private funds, encompassing an economic approach, which attempts to guide growth into pre-determined areas where the need for public services can be anticipated and provided in an economic manner.

– from Prospectives: 2020

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