November 7, 2022





The meeting was called to order at 5:04 pm. by Chairperson Mucher.  Trustee Moir, Fiscal Officer Silliman and Zoning Inspector Zopf were present.


A MOTION by Ms. Moir And SECONDED by Mr. Mucher was made to adopt the minutes of October 17th as presented.  MOTION CARRIED unanimously.


A MOTION by Ms. Moir and SECONDED by Mr. Mucher was made to pay accounts in the amount of $120,336.26: General Fund – $10,613.96; Fire Fund – $69,654.05; Cemetery Fund – $10,307.24; EMS Billing – $23,473.49; Road and Bridge – $6,287.38.  MOTION CARRIED unanimously.


  • 2023 OTA’s Winter Conference;
  • New date for C20 4 H20 Hike;
  • E-Mails responding to YS News employment ad;
  • E-Mail re: Joint Meeting in December;
  • OTA’s Grassroots Clippings; Reminder of Virtual Training offerings in November;
  • E-Mail re: DOL follow-up;
  • Seeking Ohio’s Champion Trees;
  • Letter from The Breen Burial Council;
  • Martin Marietta price increases;
  • MVRPC’s Informational Workshop on the 2023 EDA Regional Opportunities; Executive Director Martin’s November Update;
  • Fiber Permit info from Chrisonna Anderson-Lutz;
  • RPCC’s October 25th meeting materials;
  • BWC’s Estimated Annual Premium Installment schedule for 2023;
  • Several submissions of opinions re: solar farms in Miami Township;
  • Questions re: use of Fire Station Meeting Room;
  • Bricker & Eckler’s “Do’s and Don’ts for Levy and Bond Issue Campaigns;
  • Trustee Mucher’s submission to join the Dispute Resolution Commission;
  • The YS Community Foundation’s Annual donation request;
  • E-Mail exchanges between YS Council President and Trustee Mucher re: levy planning;
  • Auditor of State’s Public Records Training availability;
  • OTA’s Nov/Dec magazine;
  • OneAmerica’s Client Alert: look out for “imposter” scams;
  • Funs Status, Revenue Status and Appropriation status reports for 11/7/22.


A MOTION by Ms. Moir and SECONDED by Mr. Mucher was made to adopt RESOLUTION 2022-40: Amendment of Permanent Appropriations;  MOTION CARRIED unanimously.

 PUBLIC HEARING: Industrial Solar Hearing to determine whether or not township trustees should make a recommendation to the Greene County Commission to restrict large scale industrial solar (per Senate Bill 52) on any land in Miami Township.

Chairperson Mucher DECLARED the Public Hearing Open at 5:15 pm.

18 citizens sent written testimony, 9 in favor of restriction, 9 against.

28 citizens gave testimony in person. 16 in favor of restriction, 12 against township wide restriction.

The written testimony is available as part of the minutes of the meeting and the public testimony was recorded and is available on Yellow Springs Community Access channel on Youtube.

There was no motion made regarding this issue.

The meeting adjourned at 6:45 pm.


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