Miami Township Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes. March 18, 2019



MARCH 18, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 5:00 p.m. by Chairperson Mucher. Trustees Hollister and Crockett (arrive late) were also present. Fire Chief Altman, Road Department employee Gochenouer and Fiscal Officer Silliman were also present.

A MOTION by Mr.Hollister and SECONDED by Mr.Mucher was made to adopt the minutes of March 4th as presented. MOTION CARRIED unanimously.

A MOTION by Mr.Hollister and SECONDED by Mr.Mucher was made to pay bills in the amount of: $45,988.89: General Fund – $4,634.58; Fire Fund – $24,280.69; Cemetery Fund – $4,114.80; EMS Billing – $6,525.42; Road and Bridge – $4,888.64; Capital Project – $1,544.76. MOTION CARRIED unanimously.

The Trustees received:
• E-Mails re: “Starting our 501(c)(3);
• OTA’s Legislative Alert for March 15th;
• 2019 CareWorks Comp Risk Management Cost Control Seminars announcement;
• CareWorksComp New Claim Notification;
• Department of Commerce/Liquor Control notice;
• Greene County District Advisory Council meeting minutes;
• MSA’s 3/7 meeting minutes;
• Letter from Bath Township resident re: mutual aid;
• OTARMA’s Quarterly Newsletter;
• YS Tree Committee Newsletter 2019;
• MVRPC’s March 7th meeting materials and Executive Director’s Update newsletter;
• Fund Status, Revenue Status and Appropriation Status for March 18, 2019.

Chief Altman reported there were 28 EMS incidents, 13 fire incidents and two Fire Safety inspections since the last meeting. He also reported for the month of February there was a total of 6 responses to Bath Township: 3 fire and 3 medical incidents.
After reviewing appropriation recommendations for this year, Chief Altman suggested changes to 3 accounts: OP&F, Training an Operating Supplies.
The Bath Township tanker truck has an air leak and being repaired. A medical call to Bath Township was a cardiac arrest. The patient was revived and taken to Soin Medical Center. The emergency room staff commended MTFR medics for a job well done.
It was noted that a few Bath Township residents have expressed a concern regarding response times to their Township. Chief Altman stated there was an incident that took longer than preferred. This was due to confusion at the dispatch center and has since been corrected. He added there were 7 “over-lapping” calls in January, meaning 2 calls coming in at the same time. Coverage of calls is being tweaked to assure the best response times.

Mr.Mucher reported there is an upcoming meeting scheduled for March 20th in Cincinnati. There has been conversation to consider hiring a Contracting Manager. This approach may result in a lower construction bid. Mr.Hollister wanted to acknowledge that the building could be built in a cheaper way with less expensive materials. Chief Altman agreed that would be possible but would lose life expectancy of the building. Aesthetics of a building are more expensive.

Mr.Gochenouer reported there was one full burial and one ashes internment in Glen Forest since the last meeting. He added there is an ashes internment scheduled for this Saturday. The topping off of graves is the next project on the list.
Mr.Mucher stated that the new computer at the garage will be active in a week. It will enable Mr.Gochenouer to record burials, gravesite sales and research previous burials.

Mr.Gochenouer reported he has filled several potholes recently and some need to be filled again.
He informed the Trustees he has found a 2018 Bobcat that has 400 hours on it and is priced at $24,900. It includes a straight bucket. He feels it is in very good condition. The Township will need to purchase a combination bucket. He added the seller will have it fully serviced prior to the purchase. There being no further conversation, a MOTION by Mr.Crockett and SECONDED by Mr.Hollister was made to authorize the purchase of the 2018 Bobcat for $24,900. MOTION CARRIED unanimously.

There being no further discussion regarding the proposed budget, a MOTION by Mr.Hollister and SECONDED by Mr.Crockett was made to adopt the budget for 2019. MOTION CARRIED unanimously.
A MOTION by Mr.Hollister and SECONDED by Mr.Crockett was made to adopt RESOLUTION 2019-10: Adoption of Permanent Appropriations. MOTION CARRIED unanimously.

MVRPC – Mr.Mucher reported the Commission held elections of Officers at the recent meeting. Mr.Mucher was elected 1st Vice-Chair. The by-laws were also adopted.
TAC – Mr.Hollister reported the Committee reviewed the proposed user fee that is attached to gas purchases. He added that Jack Marchbanks gave a very good presentation.
RPCC – The Commission is working on a recommendation to Townships to require a second access road in new subdivision developments of more than 30 home sites. The reason for this recommendation is to increase emergency access. The Commission also spent considerable conversation about the 2020 Census.
Clifton Cemetery Board – No report. A meeting will be schedule in the near future.
ESC – No report.

No report.

The Yellow Springs CDC had their second meeting. They are working on prioritizing work and on the by-laws.

There being no further business to discuss, a MOTION by Mr.Hollister and SECONDED by Mr.Mucher was made to ADJOURN. MOTION CARRIED unanimously. Time – 6:25 p.m.

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