Meeting Minutes March 07, 2022



FEBRUARY 7, 2022

The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Mucher at 5:01 pm. Trustees Hollister and Moir were present. Fire Chief Altman, Road Department employee Gochenouer, Zoning Inspector Zopf and Fiscal Officer Silliman were also present.
Jenifer Adams, Nicole Marvin, Joe Krajicek, Shep Anderson, Gilah Pomeranz, Krista Magaw, Bob Huston, George Landon, Karen Landon, Jake Church and Jed Hanna were in the audience.

A MOTION by Mr. Hollister and SECONDED by Ms Moir was made to adopt the minutes of January 5th as amended. MOTION CARRIED unanimously.
A MOTION by Ms. Moir and SECONDED by Mr. Hollister was made to adopt the minutes of January 19th as amended. MOTION CARRIED unanimously.

A MOTION by Mr. Hollister and SECONDED by Ms. Moir was made to pay accounts in the amount of $56,622.59: General Fund – $9,515.84; Fire Fund – 35,474.72; Cemetery – $2,328.12; EMS Billing – $2,684.81; road and Bridge – $6,,19.10. MOTION CARRIED unanimously.

The Trustees received:
• February BWC Employer Update webinar dates;
• Ohio Department of Development’s small business update;
• District Advisory Council meeting March 15th re: upcoming Appointments;
• Notice from Ohio Department of Commerce re: liquor permit application 1860 Hilt Road;
• MVRPC’s February Executive Committee & Board meeting February 3rd switched to Zoom;
• MVRPC’s Transportation Improvement Program’s annual project survey;
• Update request on damage repair from PERSO;
• OTA’s January 21st, 27th & February 4th Legislative Alerts; February Grassroots Clippings;
• Yellow Springs Community Foundation’s 4th Quarter Statement of Activity;
• Greene County Public Health’s February 3rd meeting announcement;
• Leisure Lawn Service 2022 contract;
• OneOhio Memorandum of Understanding information;
• RPCC January 25th meeting announcement;
• Prosecuting Attorney Hayes announced Prosecuting Attorney Caldwell to work with Stephen Haller, Civil Division;
• Update on ODOT grants;
• Glen Helen Association $998,000 grant award announcement;
• Zoning Inspector’s report re: 2233 Clifton Road;
• Fund Status, Revenue Status and Appropriation reports for February 7th, 202

Jenifer Adams thanked the Trustees for intervening on the Kingwood Solar Project and staying the course. She added the next hearing on the matter has been extended until March 7th.
Joe Krajicek expressed appreciation for all the hard work all the Townships have put in. He added he is not against solar power and it’s ore about the location. He added he also appreciates Mr. Zopf’s efforts on the project.
Jed Hanna stated if the project goes forward his property will be surrounded by solar panels. This would not be following what the contract says.
Shep Anderson stated he wants to join in thanking the Trustees. He added the public gatherings that have been held have are largely against the proposal.
Gilah Pomeranz stated she considers John Bryan State Park, The Glen Helen and the Little Miami River all part of her “backyard” and feels these areas need to be protected from projects such as the Kingwood Project.
Krista Magaw asked if the meeting on Thursday between all three Townships’ Trustees and the Kingwood representative be viewed by the Public. Mr. Hollister stated it is not available to the public as it is considered a potential negotiation. Ms. Magaw added she wondered if any counties outside of Greene County have declared certain zones protected by such installations.
Bob Huston added thanks to the Trustees for opposing the solar project and added he likes the way things are going.
Jake Church who resides on Harbison Road also thanked the Trustees for their efforts.
Karen Landon added she is present at the meeting in gratitude to the Trustees.
George Landon stated they would not have purchased their current residence had they known this project was on the horizon.

Chief Altman reported there were 36 EMS incidents (5in Bath Twp.) and 8 Fire incidents (2 in Bath Township) since the last meeting.
It was stated that there will hopefully be 3 new volunteer members for appointment at the next meeting.
Chief Altman expressed a big thank you to Mr. Gochenouer for repairing the non-functioning doors on Medic 81.
Seven MTFR members joined personnel from Xenia Township and Fairborn Fire departments for ice rescue training on January 22nd. All MTFR members completed the course and gained certification.
The Chief announced that Lt. Charles Kline will start light duty on Wednesday. He will work 2 weeks before being released to full-duty.

Mr. Gochenouer reported there were 3 burials since the last meeting with 2 being natural burials.

The recent weather of snow and ice kept the crew very busy. Mr. Morris will be hauling more salt and Mr. Gochenouer will continue pushing snow in the week ahead.

A MOTION by Mr. Hollister and SECONDED by Ms. Moir was made to adopt RESOLUTION 2022-09: Amendment of Temporary Appropriations. MOTION CARRIED unanimously.

Mr. Zopf reported he issued one permit for a significant addition to a garage.
It was stated that the Zoning Commission had it’s annual meeting in January with no changes.

There was discussion regarding possibly putting a new levy on the ballot and it’s potential for generating additional revenue for the Fire Department.
Mr. Zopf suggested that Mr. Hollister talk with the YSCDC and have conversations with those entities regarding who might be putting a levy on a future ballot.

There being no further business to discuss, Ms. Moir MOVED and Mr. Hollister SECONDED to Adjourn. MOTION CARRIED unanimously. Time – 6:10 pm.

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