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    Miami Township Trustee Meeting 

April 18, 2022



APRIL 18, 2022

Chairperson Mucher called the meeting to order at 5:03 pm. Trustee Hollister was present. Road Department employee Gochenouer and Fiscal Officer Silliman were in attendance.
MTFR members Lt. Nate Ayers, EMT/Paramedic Justin Turner and EMT Cassady Brewer were present.

A MOTION by Mr. Hollister and SECONDED by Mr. Mucher was made to adopt the minutes of April 4thth. MOTION CARRIED unanimously.

A MOTION by Mr. Hollister and SECONDED by Mr. Mucher was made to pay accounts in the amount of $53,859.98: General Fund – $6,483.94; Fire Fund – $40,717.17; Cemetery Fund – $1,653.94; EMS Billing – $1,386.73; Road and Bridge – $3,618.20. MOTION CARRIED unanimously.

The Trustees received:
• E-Mail from Census Bureau;
• E-Mail re: ARPA report;
• OTA’s Legislative Alerts for 4/8 & 4/15th;
• Family Violence Prevention Center’s Spring Fling invitation;
• MVRPC’s Regional Active Transportation Plan May 2nd mtg;
• Request to use MTFR meeting room from YSDC;
• Request to attend April 18th meeting from Cincinnati resident re: Kingwood Solar project;
• Great Miami Riverway springtime activities;
• Greene County Public Health’s April 7th meeting announcement;
• OTA’s Grassroots Clippings April newsletter;
• USDA’s reminder of May payment;
• E-Mail from Steve Wirrig re: April 28th BZA Hearing;
• 2021 RAISE Grant App;
• Greene County Collective Paving Bid doc from County Engineer
• 2021 Premier Health Trauma Annual report;
• Fund Status & Revenue Status reports for April 18th.

Mr. Mucher read the Chief’s memo which stated there were 33 EMS incidents (6 in the Bath Twp.) and 10 Fire incidents (4 in Bath Twp.).
MTFR responded to a rollover tractor-trailer crash on SR 235. Fairborn Fire responded as well. Sadly, the driver was killed. The crew also responded to a structure fire on US 68 North near Clifton Road and assisted in extinguishing the fire. Lastly, MTFR responded to a structure fire at Dale’s Auto Parts on US 42. Assistance with fire extinguishing was again performed.
Two tires on Engine 82 were replaced due to age and one tire also had a faulty valve stem. In addition, the apparatus went o Fisher’s in Xenia and received an alignment and new ball joints.
The lobby upgrade has been completed with wall panels and historical photos installed.
Chief Altman reported the they will be participating in this coming Saturday’s Bike Trail Day with YSPD and others at the train station, and are also participating in Sunday’s wildflower extravaganza at the fire station.
Governor Dewine held a press conference announcing the formation of a task force on volunteer fire service issues. Mr. Dewine acknowledged there is a crisis facing volunteer fire and EMS agencies in Ohio. Issues with recruitment and funding are at the top of concerns.
Lastly, the 3 MTFR members in attendance each shared their stories of what brought them to MTFR and their current experiences with Miami Township.

Mr. Drew Diehl shared his concerns regarding the Kingwood Solar Farm proposal. He expressed his support for the project due to his concerns pertaining to global warming and the need to find alternative sources of power for the planet.
The Trustees thanked Mr. Diehl and informed him that the OPSB process is very close to completion. Mr. Diehl further encouraged the Trustees to be diligent in assuring, should the Kingwood project be approved, that Kingwood’s full responsibility of the project be fulfilled.

Township Insurance Agent Steve Ackley presented the renewal of the medical insurance policy for employees. It was recommended that the Township continue their coverage with Anthem, continue using Claimlinx and the special subscription plan.
A MOTION by Mr. Hollister and SECONDED by Mr. Mucher was made to renew the contract with Ackley Insurance and Anthem. MOTION CARRIED unanimously.

Mr. Gochenouer reported there was 1 Natural Burial since the last meeting. He reported that he contacted Graveyard Groomers and they are preparing their schedule to begin their repairing of cemetery monuments, etc. Mr. Gochenouer added that their rates have increased since they last worked for the Township. Their rate is $125/hr. And $6,000 per week.
A MOTION by Mr. Hollister and SECONDED by Mr. Mucher was made to hire the Grave Groomers for this year’s services. MOTION CARRIED unanimously.

Mr. Gochenouer stated they planned to start mowing Clifton Cemetery but weather(snow) prevented that from occurring. The road berms are not quite ready to be mowed.
The new truck is projected to be delivered the 2nd week in May.

A MOTION by Mr. Hollister and SECONDED by Mr. Mucher was made to adopt RESOLUTION 2022-17: Amendment of Permanent Appropriations. MOTION CARRIED unanimously.

MVRPC – No meeting was held.
GCRPCC – Mr. Mucher reported that the Commission approved of the zoning text amendment submitted by Miami Township. The change now goes back to the Township’s Zoning Commission for final approval.
Clifton-Union Cemetery Board – Mr. Hollister reported that the Board met and decided to pay the maintenance invoice in full and not request contributions from Miami and Green Townships to pay a portion. Mrs. Letha Kimball announced her retirement from the Board.
YSDC – Mr. Hollister reported the group plans to hold their next meeting May 3rd at the Fire Station.
Grinnell Mill – Mr. Mucher reported the Mill will be signed over to the Glen on May 1st. The property manager requested that a termite inspection be considered. Fire extinguishers will be inspected and the building/deck will be power washed.
YS Climate Action & Sustainability Group – Ms. Moir reported the group has not met yet.

No report.

No report.

There being no further business to discuss, the Trustees AGREED to Adjourn. Time – 6:35pm.

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