Grinnell Mill

Grinnell Mill

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About the Restoration of the Mill

Miami Township assumed ownership of the historic Grinnell Mill, from Antioch University, in the summer of 2004. Almost immediately, the township and dedicated volunteers began work to restore the Mill. Some of the major projects involved with the restoration included: All repairs to the two-foot thick limestone foundation were completed. The basement floor was lowered more than a foot and refinished with contoured cement and a floor drain. As a sidenote: a fully intact millstone was found buried in the dirt of the basement and is now on display. The entire building interior was cleaned of all non-original wood, nails, fixtures and wire. There were two new main interior beam supports installed in the basement. A source of custom cut white oak wood for the structural repair was located in Indiana. The mill was lifted from the foundation and four 37 foot 8″X12″ foundation timbers were replaced. The mill was leveled by raising the rear portion by 5 inches. Deteriorated portions of the four 12″X12″ corner posts were replaced in lengths from 12 to 20 feet. New, custom steel repair “boots” were installed and secured on all 16 vertical wood posts. All the rotted 12 foot 8″X10″ crossbeams between the first and second floors were replaced. These beams span between all vertical posts and provide support for floor joists on the second floor. After that, all the 4″X4″‘s were replaced. All remaining exterior siding was removed and replaced with structural insulated panels and new cedar lap siding. New windows and doors were installed. The mill interior was completely power washed, which revealed some beautiful variations in the color of the structural timbers. All new windows were purchased by generous sponsors in exchange for acknowledgment on the individual windows themselves. As of the spring of 2008, all the preservation work on the Mill was completed and the Mill was opened to the public.

Burial Search

burial search

Rent Grinnell Mill

For information regarding renting the Mill for events or staying at the Bed and Breakfast please call 937-767-0131 or visit the Grinnell Mill B&B website.