Glen Helen in the spring.

The Township

Miami Township, Greene County, Ohio

Public Meetings of the Board of Trustees are held on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month, unless it is a holiday and then the meeting is the following Wednesday at 5:00 pm at the Township Hall, 225 Corry St. Yellow Springs, Ohio. All interested persons are encouraged to attend.

From Greene County “Perspectives”

Mr. Henry David Thoreau once said “The finest works in stone are not made by copper or steel tools, but the gentle touches of air and water working at their leisure with a liberal allowance of time.” Miami Township has been touched by these elements to create a diverse and unique landscape within Greene County. The natural areas of Miami Township, including John Bryan State Park which is known as the most scenic state park in western Ohio, contains a remarkable limestone gorge cut by the Little Miami River which is designated as a national natural landmark. To the east of John Bryan State Park is the Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve. The nature preserve is a unique place, it is home to over 400 species of plants and the animal communities that depend on them. To the north of John Bryan State Park is the 216-acre Tecumseh Council Boy Scout Camp. To the west of John Bryan State Park is the Glen Helen Nature Preserve, a private natural preserve owned and operated by Antioch University. The “Glen” consists of 1,000 acres of woods, waterways, prairies and fields. These natural and unique areas combined equal over 1,860 acres of habitat for more than half of the county’s endangered, threatened and potentially threatened species. Other benefits of these areas include open space, environmental protection, visual beauty, and an unlimited number of other benefits.

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A message from the Board of Trustees

The people of Miami Township respect the past while planning for the future. With its history and economy rooted in agriculture, Miami Township has consistently been in the forefront in the effort to preserve farmland. No other Township in Greene County or for that matter, in the Miami Valley, can claim as many acres of Township land protected from development by the use of agricultural conservation easements. There are almost 3500 acres of protected land in Miami Township consisting of 1700 acres of public land such as John Bryan Park and Glen Helen as well as nearly 1800 acres of private property including the historic Whitehall Farm in the northern portion of the Township. In 1998, Miami Township, the Village of Yellow Springs, Greene County and an army of private individuals from as far away as California voted with their wallets to prevent the almost 950 acre farm from being broken up into building lots. In 2003, the Tecumseh Land Trust along with property owners and Miami Township have applied to the State of Ohio’s Department of Farmland Preservation for a grant to obtain a possible additional 392 acres of protected farmland in the Township. Miami Township understands the need for balance in its economic sectors and as such is partnering with the Village of Yellow Springs in a Cooperative Economic Development Agreement or CEDA. The intent of this CEDA is to promote healthy economic growth that would benefit both the Village and the Township while protecting agricultural areas by keeping commercial areas within the municipal boundaries of the Village. In an effort to continue the practice of managed growth well into the future, Miami Township has begun work on a long-range comprehensive land use plan. With the adoption of such a plan, future decisions regarding zoning and development will reflect a direction previously set forth as a result of input by all the residents of Miami Township.

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