Miami Township Zoning Commission Meeting Minutes

July 18, 2017


Call to Order: F. Legge at 7:04 pm


Roll Call:  F. Legge, B. Corry, J. Fulton, D. Amstutz, L. Parsons, R. Zopf, C. Ham minute taker


Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes: Accepted by F. Legge with D. Amstutz seconding, all accepted.


Agenda Review: Public meeting for the Agricultural District Section 5 of the zoning plan, held in the Miami Township Fire Hall.


Old Business: The public meeting was announced for two weeks in the Yellow Springs News. No visitors came to the meeting.


New Business: It was decided to continue the public meeting for the August meeting on the 15th. Recommendations will be made to the trustees after the next meeting.


Announcements & Future Agenda Planning:


The Agenda for the next meeting will be:


Continue the public meeting on August 15th at the Bryan Center.


Call to order

Roll call

Approval of previous meeting minutes

Agenda review

Old business

New business

Announcements & Future Agenda Planning



Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 7:26 pm with L. Parsons motioning to adjourn & J. Fulton seconding. All accepted.