APRIL 2, 2018



                The meeting was called to order at 7:00 .m. by President Mucher.  Trustees Crockett and Hollister were present.  Road Department employee Gochenouer and Fiscal Officer Silliman were also present. 



                A MOTION by Mr.Hollister and SECONDED by Mr. Crockett was made to adopt the minutes of February 21st as presented.  MOTION CARRIED unanimously.

                A MOTION by Mr.Crockett and SECONDED by Mr.Hollister was made to adopt the minutes of March 19th as presented.  MOTION CARRIED unanimously.



                A MOTION by Mr. Crockett and SECONDED by Mr.Hollister was made to pay accounts in the amount of $33,315.89: General Fund - $12,399.80; Fire Fund - $12,151.80; Cemetery - $204.48; EMS Billing - $3,423.76; Road and Bridge - $3,032.56.  MOTION CARRIED unanimously. 



                The Trustees received:

·         Legal Notice from Sprint Direct Connect;

·         Information from Eternity Gardens re: cremation;

·         Information from ACTOHIO re: RUMAs compliance update;

·         USDA Process review;

·         E-mail from Vg. Mgr. Bates re: assistance for path for animals;

·         Draft resolution re: support of additional license tax for township road maintenance;

·         Township Zoning Commission 2/20/18 meeting minutes;

·         Greene County Public Health 4/5  meeting materials and Health Commissioner’s monthly report;

·         International City/County Management Association survey;

·         E-Mail from STAR Ohio re: monthly statement availability;

·         E-Mails from  K.Wintrow and S.Greenberg re: ESC April 4 meeting agenda;

·         E-Mails from Community Solutions re: Permaculture Design Course offering and the Community Solutions News for 3/23;

·         E-Mail request for employee records for 2017;

·         E-Mail from Pontem Software re: readiness of the online burial search option;

·         E-Mail from MSA re: Marshall Street drainage;

·         E-Mail from OTA re: March 23rd Legislative Alert;

·         E-Mail from K.Greenwood re: Fiscal Year 2017 Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) Program;

·         Copy of letter to House Rep. Perales re: first responder income tax credit legislation;

·         E-Mails from MVRPC re: encouraging support for attendance at nonprofit fundraisers & passing of MVRPC delegate Jim McGuire;

·         E-Mail from YS Home, Inc re: purchase of WSU property;

·         E-Mail re: Natural Burial Area inquiry;

·         Pre-Construction Meeting notice from Greene County Engineer;

·         Great Lakes Chapter, SPOOM, May 12th meeting announcement;

·         Fund Status and Revenue Status for April 2, 2018. 




                MTFR member Bob Cooper reported on the status of efforts being made to recruit volunteers.  He stated there has been a fair amount of interest due to posting on Facebook.  An Open House is scheduled in late April. A postcard mailing to residents is going to be sent out in the near future. 

                The new scheduling of staff is on track to be implemented on the second week of May. 



                Mr.Mucher reported the wait for the approved reviews of the building plans continues. 



                Mr.Gochenouer reported that there was an ashes internment and a natural burial today.  There are 3 pending ashes interments. 

                It was reported that the sides of the cannon on Glen Forest are back on but not permanently. Additional work needs to be done to secure the west side. The base of the cannonballs is going to be rebuilt. 

                Mr.Mucher reported that the cemetery’s burial information via the Township website is now active and available to the public.



                Mr.Gochenouer reported spending recent time cleaning up downed trees due to recent high winds.  He intends to repair the tile drain on Tobias Road in the near future.  Lastly, he stated he will take a look at the drainage on Carol and Lamont. 


                A MOTION by Mr.Hollister and SECONDED by Mr. Crockett was made to adopt RESOLUTION 2018-14: Authorizing participation in the Collective Bid Agreement.  MOTION CARRIED unanimously.



                A MOTION by Mr.Hollister and SECONDED by Mr. Crockett was made to adopt RESOLUTION 2018-15: Amendment of Permanent Appropriations.  MOTION CARRIED unanimously.  Ms.Silliman stated she is planning to implement auto deposit of payroll staring with the next pay period.



                A MOTION by Mr. Crockett and SECONDED by Mr. Hollister was made to adopt RESOLUTION 2018-16: Adopt additional $5 per auto license fee in Greene County.  MOTION CARRIED unanimously.



                No report.



                There being no further business to discuss, a MOTION by Mr. Crockett and SECONDED by Mr.Hollister was made to Adjourn.  MOTION CARRIED unanimously.  Time – 7:55 p.m.



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