JULY 2, 2018



                The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President Mucher.  Trustees Crockett and Hollister were also present.  Fire Chief Altman, Road Department employee Gochenouer, Zoning Inspector Zopf and Fiscal Officer Silliman were also present. 

                Present in the audience were YS Home, Inc. representatives Brittany Keller, Emily Seibel and Wes Young.



                A MOTION by Mr.Hollister and SECONDED by Mr. Crockett was made to adopt the minutes of June 18th as presented. MOTION CARRIED unanimously.

                A MOTION by Mr.Crockett and SECONDED by Mr.Hollister was made to adopt the minutes of June 21st as amended.  MOTION CARRIED unanimously.



                A MOTION by Mr.Hollister and SECONDED by Mr. Crockett was made to pay accounts in the amount of $39,050.50: General Fund - $5,223.20; Fire Fund - $21,261.14; Cemetery Fund - $230.28; EMS Billing - $3,932.55; Road and Bridge - $8,403.25.  MOTION CARRIED unanimously. 



                Emily Seibel, Director of YS Home, Inc. introduced Wes Young who represents the St. Mary Development Corporation.  She stated that YS Home, Inc. and the St. Mary Development Corp. have purchased 1.8 acres adjacent to the property that the new fire house will sit.  It is the intent to build approximately 55 units for senior housing on the site.  The amount of units to be built will depend on how many stories the building will be.  This is the very beginning of a very long project.  Ms. Seibel added they plan to talk to neighbors, the Village Planning Commission and anyone who has interest in the project. 

                She asked the Trustees and Chief Altman is they had any opinions at this point regarding outside amenities, the height of the building, etc.  She asked if there was a possibility for their project to share storm water drainage with the drainage that will be installed for the fire station.   Mr.Hollister stated that the Township has already paid for the design work and submitted it for approval the storm sewer system.  Her request would require the Township to redesign the system.  This would cause a delay in the fire station project that they are not willing to do. 

                Mr. Crockett stated he would prefer 4 stories to 3 as the 4 stories would allow more greenspace around the building.  Chief Altman he stated he had no preference to the amount of stories as all floors would be sprinklered as required for fire suppression. 

                Ms. Seibel added that a small patio is planned for residents as well as maybe some playground equipment for visitors of the residents.  Mr.Young stated there may be a noise study conducted as it may be a HUD requirement.  He added that the time frame is to propose the project in February, 2019 with construction to start the 1st quarter of 2020, or soon after.

                It was stated that Mr.Mucher would be the contact person for YS Home, Inc. should there be any questions.  He added that the fire station property, due to a soil test, has to pay for a $100,000 soil remediation and that may be the case for them as well.


                The Trustees received:

·         League of Women Voters newsletter;

·         MVRPC 2017 Annual report;

·         E-Mail from MVRPC re: OARC 2018 Candidates Forum;

·         E-Mail from Auditor of State re: invoice statement;

·         E-Mail to Open the Books re: records request;

·         E-Mail from STAR Ohio re: electronic statements available;

·         E-Mail from Brad Ruwe re: Resolution for General Obligation Bond;

·         E-Mails from K. LeBlanc re: Clifton – YS Connection Info Packet and 2020 Census LUCA Address Updates;

·         E-Mail from USDA re: loan request;

·         Information packet for June 26th RPCC meeting;

·         E-Mail from GCTWPASSOC re: RSVP requested for July 10th event;

·         E-Mails from Community Solutions re: Solomom Gamboa and the Soil Solution; Summer Greetings newsletter;

·         E-Mail from YS Home, Inc. to attend July 2nd Trustee meeting;

·         E-Mail from Stoney Creek Garden Center re: Ballot Issue;

·         E-Mail from YS News re: changes to YS Guide listing;

·         E-Mail from YSO Village Council re: Michael Shuman and DCIC discussion;

·         E-Mail from Economic Sustainability Committee re: agenda for July 3 meeting;

·         E-Mail from J.Payne re: Glen Forest Cemetery and Eagle Scout projects;

·         Township Zoning Commission minutes of April 17 meeting;

·         Fund Status, Revenue Status and Appropriation Status reports. 



                Chief Altman reported there were 30 EMS, 7 fire calls and 5 fire safety inspections.  There was a house fire on Golden Willow Court at 4:30 p.m. Friday. He reported that mutual aid was called in and responded.  The fire started in an upstairs bathroom fan motor.  The fire spread to the cellulose insulation material in the attic.  Unfortunately, the fire reignited at approximately 1:56 a.m.   He commended the fire crews for doing a very good job knocking down the fire.  Approximately $60,000 in damage was done.  No injuries were reported.

                At the recommendation of the Chief, a MOTION by Mr.Hollister and SECONDED by Mr. Crockett was made to adopt RESOLUTION 2018-29: Appointment of volunteers.  MOTION CARRIED unanimously. 

                Due to waning personnel availability, there will be a smaller than usual presence by MTFR at this year’s July 4th parade.

                Chief Altman stated he will be in Columbus Friday – Sunday attending the Ohio Fire Chief’s Conference.

                The Chief informed the Trustees that MTFR is leaving MVEMS Council, their current provider of drug bags.  After careful consideration of changes being made by the Council, it was decided that MTFR will provide their own drug bags.  This will enable MTFR to be more flexible while maintaining regional orders.  A committee within MTFR will be formed to oversee the drug bags.

                Lastly, Chief Altman asked for an Executive Session regarding Personnel with possible termination.  A MOTION by Mr.Hollister and SECONDED by Mr.Crockett was made to move into Executive Session to discuss personnel/termination.  MOTION CARRIED unanimously.  7:57 p.m.

                The Trustees and Chief Altman returned from Executive Session at 8:05 p.m. with no action taken.



                It was announced that there is a pause in the process due to only 1 bid being submitted to build.  That one bid was over the estimated cost by $1,200,000.  It was not accepted.

                Because of the bid being so far over budget, the architects and the Township need to try to trim approximately $1,200,000 off the cost.  It is not desired to reduce or change the footprint of the building.  That would result in a need for major re-engineering and the cost would be incurred by the architects. 

                A couple options were discussed in order to reduce costs such as reducing the number of bays or changing the material used on the exterior of the building.  Re-bidding of the project will be done sometime around mid-October with bid openings in December.  The advertising for the bid requests will be advertised in a wider region and for a longer period of time.

                Mr.Mucher offered a third option which is to borrow $350,000 with a 30 year payoff period and an interest rate of 3.25%.  This option will be available for a short period.  Mr.Mucher suggested the Trustees authorize the option to take the loan.  He added that the Trustees are not obligated to take the loan when the time comes.  A MOTION by Mr. Crockett and SECONDED by Mr.Hollister was made to adopt resolution 2018-30: Authorization of a loan through USDA.  MOTION CARRIED unanimously. 



                Mr.Mucher mentioned that Glen Forest has not been weed eaten and added that Clifton Cemetery looks really nice.  Mr.Gochenouer stated weed eating of Glen Forest happened today and spraying has been done.  He intends to do some work on the scattering area this week. 

                There were 2 burials since the last meeting. An ashes internment is scheduled on the 14th in Clifton.

                Mr.Mucher stated a local historical society has offered to remove the veteran flag holders and take them to the foundry in Xenia for restoration.  Mr.Gochenouer asked if the same holders from Clifton Cemetery could be added to the project. 



                Mr.Gochenouer reported that he has finished wedging.  The tractor is fixed and he will start mowing berms for the second round next week.



                A MOTION by Mr.Hollister and SECONDED by Mr. Crockett was made to adopt RESOLUTION 2018-28: Amendment of Permanent Appropriations.  MOTION CARRIED unanimously.

                The Public Hearing for the 2019 Tax Budget is scheduled for July 16th, 7:00 p.m.



                Mr.Zopf issued a permit for a 2nd house to be built on the former Arnovitz farm. 

                The Zoning Commission will be holding a Public Hearing regarding changes to the Zoning Code which includes the elimination of 3 different chapters. 

                Mr.Mucher asked if Mr.Zopf was aware Stoney Creek Garden’s interest in seeking permission to serve alcohol on their premises.  They intend to put the issue on the November ballot.  Mr.Zopf stated he has not been contacted by the owners of the garden center but will be happy to advise if they ask. 






Mr.Hollister reported he attended the presentation by Michael Shuman and the establishment of a Community Improvement Cooperation.  It was an informative talk but there was no direct conversation relative to Yellow Springs on the matter.



                No report.



                There being no further business to discuss, a MOTION by Mr.Hollister and SECONDED by Mr. Crockett was made to ADJOURN.  MOTION CARRIED unanimously.  Time – 8:55 p.m.



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