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Upon transfer of ownership of the Mill and agreement to a long-term lease with Antioch University, Miami Township will immediately take all steps necessary to stabilize the Mill structure itself and to barricade the premises enough to discourage intentional trespassing.

At present, Miami Township possesses the financial resources, the expertise, and the commitment to effect the following measures:

Secure and reinforce the stone foundation
Redirect water away from structure
Provide gravel cover of all interior earth to reduce the influx of moisture
Remove and dispose of any non-historic interior material
Exterminate any wood damaging insects
Repair any structural damage, square wall beams, and reattach loose floor joists
Replace the standing seam roof with a new standing seam roof
Remove all exterior windows
Remove all exterior siding
Install new 2 X 6 exterior wall studs with rough framing, or structurally insulated panels, with historically correct placement of window and door locations
Install new prefinished cedar siding as close as possible to original color
Install 24 new double hung windows as close to original appearance as possible
Install one reinforced and double deadbolted entry door
Install and maintain multiple security lights
Completion of work would be no later than 6 months after an agreement.
For as long as Miami Township has possession of the Mill, we will assume all responsibility for the building's security, maintenance, upkeep and insurance with the exception of flood insurance.

After the completion of the aforementioned measures, Miami Township intends to explore the possibility of creating a not for profit 501-(C3) foundation with a three member governing board consisting of; (1) A member of the Miami Township Board of Trustees, (2) The Director of Glen Helen Nature Preserve and, (3) The President of the Yellow Springs Historical Society. The foundation's purpose would be to explore possible public uses of the Mill, possible funding sources for the conversion and continuing oversight of any non-profit enterprise that might prove viable enough to generate sufficient income to sustain itself and the Mill into the future and to inform and educate future generations on the history of timber frame mills in Miami Township.